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About Pre-Ib

Pre-IB is a one-year course preceding the IB Diploma Programme

Pre-IB is aimed at students who are not ready for direct entry into the IB Diploma Programme. 

The course is offered to Danish as well as foreign students who haven't finished 11 years of education. Pre-IB is equivalent to the first year of the Danish "gymnasium". Pre-IB is offered in English. After the Pre-IB year, you are assumed to continue at the IB Diploma Programme. However, if you change your mind, you can continue studying the second and third year at technical upper secondary (HTX) or any other upper secondary education, depending on the subejcts chosen.  
It is also possible to apply for the IB Diploma Programme, if you have finished the first year of 
an upper secondary education.

The Pre-IB year prepares you for the IB Diploma Programme and at the same time it complies with the requirements set by the Danish Ministry of Education in order to fulfil the requirements for the first year of the Danish upper secondary education.

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Subjects offered at Pre-IB

Social Sciences 
Visual Arts