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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs, known as SPS, is support free of charge for students who might experience problems completing their youth education due to Specific Learning Difficulties.

The support will compensate for the problems encountered due to your impairment in connection to your education, like:

  • If you are dyslectic or suffer from dyscalculia (digit dyslexia)
  • If you have a hearing, seeing, physical or psychological impairment

In order to get support, you will need a formal assessment or diagnosis from a doctor or expert in the field of your particular impairment.

The support you might get will address your specific problems but could be e.g

  • special computer programmes
  • Pastoral talks with a designated teacher or student adviser
  • Personal assistance
  • Extra time at exams
  • Special furniture

You can read more (in Danish) here »
SPS på ungdomsuddannelser - SPS (spsu.dk)

You can apply for support when you are enrolled at EUC Syd. It may take up to 6 weeks for an application to be met, and you should therefore apply as soon as possible after enrolment. You must be able to produce a copy/printout of any relevant experts’ casebook(s) e.g. a doctor's certificate as documentation for your impairment.

In order to apply for support contact one of the SPS advisers below »