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EUC Syd benefits from year-long experience and expertise in international collaborations and project management. Our many activities range from sending students and staff members abroad, to hosting foreign students, teachers and delegations, while actively participating in international networks such as TA3, EFVet, ECVet and DCAC. Our network and the high-quality teaching delivered are our assets.

International Academy

EUC Syd offers an all-inclusive solution for exchange and mobility programs


  • EUC Syd’s International Academy offers
    condensed courses of most of EUC Syd’s core
    programmes. Please consult our catalogue for
    the modules offered currently.
  • EUC Syd and the sending partner agree upon
    length and contents of the courses, as well as
    assessment modalities of the students.
  • EUC Syd’s International Academy courses are
    in English or German. Groups are welcome to
    come with their own translator. EUC Syd can
    arrange for external translation services.
  • Is blended mobility a part of your Erasmus+ mobility project EUC Syd can organize this part in cooperation with you prior to your mobility at EUC Syd.


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