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South Jutland's global school for people and businesses

ErhvervsUddannelsesCenter Syd (EUC Syd - Vocational Educational Centre South) is South Jutland’s largest educational institution. Every year, we provide education and adult supplementary training and education for more than 10,000 people, giving them drive. We make sure that both staff and businesses can keep their finger on the labour market’s fast pulse and act with ease on the international market.

At EUC Syd, we offer 50 long- and short-term vocational programmes, and many different AMU (adult vocational training) and supplementary training courses.

We form the framework for the focused Teknisk Gymnasium Sønderjylland (HTX) (technical upper secondary school), the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which is taught in English, and the unique new EUX, which combines vocational training with upper secondary school subjects. 

All our educational programmes and courses equip students, course participants and businesses for real life. This means that we take our starting point partly in the individual student’s needs and competences, and partly in the world and the businesses where the competences are in demand.

To learn more about our international Education please visit International Baccalaureate.


We hope you will find the information you need on these pages. Please send us an email eucsyd@eucsyd.dk if you have additional questions regarding our college and activities.

We give people drive through education

Drive is a prerequisite for innovation. 

People with drive and skills are needed if  theories, ideas and innovative thinking are to move from desk to real life and businesses' bottom lines.

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A widely representative Board  

At EUC Syd, we educate the labour force that is the prerequisite for our labour market to work and continue to develop in step with time. Therefore, both employers and employees are represented on EUC Syd’s Board.

EUC Syd's Board consists of 13 members:

  • Eight members represent employers and employees, largely covering the school’s current field of activity
  • One member is appointed by Haderslev, Tønder, Aabenraa and Sønderborg Municipalities
  • Two members are employee representatives
  • Two members are student representatives

College strategy

 EUC Syd has a sustainable perspective to:

  • Our cooperation with industry and business
  • Our educational programmes
  • The operation of the college buildings and daily routines
  • Internal training of staff
  • Our participation in new projects

 Education is important to meet the demands of
 industry and EUC Syd is a major partner with
 local industry and business. The development
 of new educational programmes must
 correspond with the demands from industry
 and business.

Overview in safe hands

EUC Syd is a well-organised educational institution, which is run in accordance with modern management principles. The fact that EUC Syd gives people drive through education is reflected to a great extent in the school’s internal life and organisation. The professional and dynamic three-person management team makes sure that the distance from idea to action is short, and that focus is continually directed at maintaining an inspiring and coaching working environment that supports the employees’ professional and human development.


Interaction with business

Focus on the surrounding world, the present and future markets

As South Jutland’s largest educational institution, EUC Syd is a natural, integrated part of a dynamic business community. EUC Syd is located in a part of Denmark that is known for its innovative and market-leading industrial businesses. This affects us, just as we have an effect on them.

In close collaboration and dialogue with local businesses, we train people to meet the demand of tomorrow’s labour market, ensuring that employees can keep their finger on the pulse and keep up with development.

This makes us an important key to success in the increasing globalisation. This is a task that we do not treat lightly. It is our most noble task to provide the labour market with a continual flow of highly qualified labour. We therefore develop in step with the needs of the business community, keeping abreast with development.

EUC Syd is the business community’s professional partner. This means that we pay close attention to the businesses’ challenges, so that together we can customise the right solutions that match both the businesses’ special and individual needs and the general demand in society.

Drive is one half of all innovation

At EUC Syd, we provide people with drive through education. This is why our students can convert knowledge into action with a focus on how to succeed.