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The Staff
EUC Syd is the workplace of 410 competent employees. 300 of these are teachers. In addition, people are employed in the many staff functions and specialist centres, such as EUC Syd’s Customer Centre, IT Centre, Resource Centre and Development Centre.

EUC Syd’s employees are one of the primary reasons why EUC Syd is now one of Denmark’s most successful educational institutions. To the employees, development and change are natural parts of the day-to-day work. This is an essential prerequisite for EUC Syd to be able to offer contemporary education and stay abreast with development on a continual basis.

EUC Syd’s employees are characterised by dedication and professionalism. The working environment is informal and inspiring and marked by great independence, responsibility and close collaboration.

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When learning and physical settings go hand in hand

At EUC Syd, we have deliberately chosen to move further and further away from the traditional educational environment, i.e. one teacher, one class. Instead,we focus on learning rather than on teaching. Thus, we support the students’ individual learning at the speed and pace that suits the individual. This is evidentnot only in our pedagogy, but also in our physical settings and facilities.

Today, EUC Syd is distributed across addresses in Aabenraa, Tønder, Haderslev and Sønderborg – and across more than 100,000 m2 under cover. At all of the sites, the school is characterised by open learning environments that include e.g. sofa groups, wireless networks and ample space  for portable PCs. The large, bright and modern classrooms are designed and laid out flexibly, so that they canbe adapted to different learning situations. The school’s professional workshopsare equipped with state-of-the-art robot technology, work tools and other equipment. Inviting canteens, Internet cafes and boarding schools are also a naturalpart of the international learning environment at EUC Syd.

An inspiring environment that creates commitment

At EUC Syd, the crossfield between learning, facilities and physical settings creates a unique educational and school environment that supports the individual student's well-being, learning and development. 

Always on the move

International outlook

At EUC Syd, we train people to act in a global world, and the school is characterised by an international learning environment. Naturally, communication between students across national borders is a part of our programmes, just as fellow-ship, visits, internships and educational stays outside the school form part of everyday life.

For instance, we offer the international IB Diploma, and we participate in a whole string of collaboration projects with schools abroad. Many of the students who follow our vocational training programmes gain part of their scheduled work experience abroad, and students in some of the upper secondary school programmes have the opportunity to spend time in e.g. the USA and Germany. 

Global reality

A rapidly developing labour market, increasing globalisation and international distribution of labour all pose new demands on both the business community and the labour force’s qualifications and competences. The fact is, that it is becoming increasingly common that products are developed entirely or partially in one country, then produced in another, and finally sold in a third country. This is the reality that the South Jutland business community acts within – and this is the reality that EUC Syd trains people for.

This is achieved partly via a series of international educational offers, and partly by weighting cultural understanding, values in international businesses, language competences, adaptability and the ability to participate in dialogues via technological tools in EUC Syd’s open learning environments. EUC Syd thus educates people to be familiar with the globalised labour market.

Constantly in contact with reality 

EUC Syd is a vibrant school that is constantly undergoing development. Developing in step with the globalised labour market locally, nationally and internationally requires the exploration of new trends and constant attention to business and market signals. Dialogue with the business community and international collaboration with other educational institutions across the world are therefore very high up on EUC Syd’s agenda.

The dialogue and collaboration inspire new innovative solutions and concrete educational offers. In turn, this creates synergy and exciting opportunities that set a precedent for how we as an educational institution in close partnership with the business community can give people drive through education.,

Always on the move

At EUC Syd, we constantly develop and  expand our own competences and facilities.  This means that we are one step ahead, and  that we are able to teach about the latest  technoogies and tools. This enables us to turn  out well-educated  people who are equipped  to be at the forefront of their professions. 

Educational offers

Reality-orientated education for a great variety of industries – under one roof

As one of Denmark’s largest educational institutions, EUC Syd offers a very broad palette of educational options. In practice, this means that at any given time, we are able to accommodate the business community’s and society’s changing needs for education and qualified employees.

With hundreds of different educational programmes, courses and supplementary training options gathered under EUC Syd’s roof, synergy is created, both among the different subjects and between theory and practice. When combined with the international learning environment, this makes a unique whole, creating a very special educational institution where tomorrow’s key workers can both be educated and follow supplementary training.

EUC Syd trains people within e.g.:

  • Automatics and processes
  • Construction and building
  • Design and fashion
  • Electronics
  • Energy optimisation
  • Nutrition and gastronomy
  • Innovation
  • IT/data
  • Communication
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Employee development
  • Measuring technology
  • Motors
  • Health
  • Technology and CNC
  • Transport and logistics

Vocational programmes

EUC Syd offers 75 different vocational programmes

  • From hairdresser to tile layer
  • From nutritional assistant to electrician
  • From technical designer to carpenter
  • From joiner to chimney sweeper

 On completing their training, student are awarded a skilled worker's certificate, and they are ready to join the labour market immidiately.

The education EUX is a combination of a vocational programme and a technical upper secondary school programme, at the end of which students are awarded both a skilled worker's certificate and a student's cap. This means that the wualification ca be used either to enter the labour market directly or to apply for enrolment in a higher education programme.

Technical upper secondary school programmes

The upper secondary school programmes offered at EUC Syd provide students with qualifications that entitle them to apply for enrolment in higher educational programmes, e.g. at universities and engineering colleges.

  • HTX Technical Upper Secondary School South
  • International Baccalaureate - IB diploma

Supplementary training and AMU

At EUC Syd, we offer more than a thousand different AMU (adult vocational training) and supplementary training courses, i.e. within practically all fields, industries and services, e.g. data, transport employee development, energy technology, robot technology, electronics, the food industry and much more.

The supplementary training courses are customised to meet the individual course participant’s or company’s needs.

The AMU includes the VEUD programme (adult vocational training) and EUV (basic adult education).