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At EUC Syd we collaborate with schools and companies from many countries. We do this, because we believe that the incorporation of international knowledge and experience contributes to the development of our education and teaching environment. This benefits our students and companies.

Our international projects are listed below



GerDA – Trible Sustainability

Full focus and strength on sustainability and the SDGs from Operation to Formation.

Under the leadership of EUC Syd, seven vocational schools and one university join forces to develop and strengthen a sustainable mindset both among schools, students and students, regional companies and citizens in the borderlands.

The aim of the project is to contribute to skilled labor in the green sector, which is a common need on both sides of the border.

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NEST - Network in Education, creating Sustainable Talents

Interreg_European Union

The educations and jobs we know today will change both content and format in the future which places demands on vocational education, which must ensure that young people have professional skills for the future, skills that enable them to enter a rapidly developing labor market, and skills that support that development takes place with sustainable responsibility.

This project will investigate the possibilities for how we across the board support the development of vocational schools, so that the young people are best equipped for the future. The project will, via mapping and networking, uncover what specific action options the partners must solve the problem. It will thus develop a larger project collaboration in the entire Interreg region towards Interreg 6.



Mobilities (exchange) within Europe
EUC Syd is an active member in the European Erasmus+ program. Students and staff from the school travel all over Europe for shorter or longer mobilities. We also welcome several students from other European countries. Our organization is Erasmus accredited, which means that we offer high-quality mobility activities and use them to improve our education and training offer. Please contact us, if you would like to arrange mobilities.


Train2Sustain – developing capacity to teach sustainability in VET
2020 – 2023

The main aim is to build capacity and confidence amongst teachers and trainers in teaching sustainability and circular economy combined with lean principles in innovative ways. In developing this practice, the students will benefit from gaining skills in sustainability. These skills are needed in our job market now and in the future. This means that companies will get employees with skills in sustainability and lean.


  • To provide sustained professional development that disseminates the expertise of the partners across the partnership and encourages synergies with organizations in different VET disciplines and different countries.
  • To increase capacity of each organization to develop sustainability issues on an organizational level and to increase the cooperation with working life on this matter.
  • To spread the knowledge and skills of using different digital skills between the partners
  • To increase capacity of each organization to cooperate at sustainability issues at an EU/international level


  • Vamia (coordinator) Finland
  • Omnia, Finland
  • Edifício ATEC, Portugal
  • EUC Syd, Denmark
  • Bit Schulungscenter, Austria

Click On Climate – Sustainability learning for Transportation and Logistics

The aim of this project is to heighten awareness and competences to act in accordance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at all three levels: School management, stakeholder and teaching.  This is done by creating and testing new tools and innovation activities at all participating schools.


  • TEC (Coordinator), Denmark
  • YSAO, Finland
  • Xabec, Spain
  • Stichting Zadkine, Netherlands
  • EUC Syd, Denmark




KA2 project with Idan from Iceland as Lead Partner

The aim is to reboot the European Quality Asurance Label for learning mobility through digital transformation.

The developed quality label will add value to companies and training organisations dealing with Erasmus+ mobilities for VET students.

2019 – 2021

In the MOB' INNOV project, partners of ERASMUS+ staff mobility will identify, collect and present their exemplary practices in vocational teaching and training. A mutual reflection of these existing practices will improve our understanding of vocational excellence both in our own organizations and in Europe. The good practices will be presented in a common form of an inventory to improve the organization and content of the ongoing staff mobilities, to help us learn from each other, and to facilitate the transfer of good practices. Partners will also exchange about methods for evaluation and impact assessment of staff mobilities.


  • CMA France (coordinator), France
  • AOCDTF, France
  • EUC SYD, Denmark
  • GENCAT, Spain (Catalonia)
  • IFA, Austria
  • IDAN, Iceland
  • Luksia, Finland



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