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Affiliated network

EUC SYD has a yearlong tradition for cooperation and partnerships with national and international partners.

The board at EUC Syd approves this strategic effort bringing the school forward and qualifies the participation.

Project Zero


The climate change is an important issue to citizens of Sonderborg. The entire Sonderborg-area is involved in the vision of creating a CO2-neutral growth area before 2029, creating and demonstrating new solutions, robust measurable CO2 reductions, new green jobs and a talented generation of young people.
Far too long, the focus of climate discussions have been academic and political discussions mainly. In Sonderborg, citizens, businesses and politicians since 2007 have taken action instead of talking. The public-private partnership – ProjectZero – was created to inspire and drive Sonderborg´s transition to a ZEROcarbon community by 2029, based on improved energy efficiency, conversion of energy sources into renewables and by creating participation of all stakeholders to reach the ambitious goal: CO2-neutral growth and sustainable urban development.

UNESCO Learning City:


The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities is an international policy-oriented network providing inspiration, know-how and best practice. Learning cities at all stages of development can benefit greatly from sharing ideas with other cities, as solutions for issues that arise as one learning city develops may already exist in other cities. 

UNESCO ASP network

EUC Syd is a member of The UNESCO Associated Schools (ASP-net) having the focus on innovative and collaborative teaching and learning in the context of education 2023.

Projects are mainly run at the upper secondary department at EUC Syd.


Haiyan Polytechnical School in China


A year-long partnership and friendship about mutual exchanges for students, faculty and management. And designing and execution of new talent programs in a strategic cooperation between Danfoss in Haiyan, Haiyan Polytechnical School and EUC Syd.

Haiyan Municipality in China

Soenderborg and Haiyan municipalities have concluded an agreement on cooperation focusing on sustainability and green thinking. EUC Syd is a part of this cooperation supporting the VET educational initiatives.



EUC Syd is a yearlong active member of the TA3 alliance network.

A3 is a thriving 30-year-old alliance of community and technical colleges in the United States and Europe which functions as a vibrant learning network, which connects partners and illuminates innovative practices. 

TA3 creates a forum for addressing universal global educational challenges and is aimed at student and teacher exchanges between both sides of the Atlantic.


Les Compagnons du Devoir


EUC Syd cooperates with Les Compagnons du Devoir about providing education for the French apprentices about sustainability and energy consumption in the building and construction sector. Together we also arrange numerous Erasmus+ mobilities in a wide range of VET-programs.


IHK Flensburg


EUC Syd has a close cross border cooperation with IHK Flensburg providing apprenticeships and exchange for students and staff. In the cooperation we can give students the opportunity to gain a double German / Danish journeyman’s test.


DCAC – Danish Consortium for Academic Craftsmanship


DCAC is a consortium existing of 4 Danish VET colleges focusing on export of education and development of cooperation with partners focusing on the skilling agenda in China and India.

DCAC is accredited by the Danish Ministry of Education.




EUC Syd is a member of the Danish board representing the Danish partner schools in EfVET.

EfVET is one of the leading European-wide professional associations which has been created by, and for, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers. EfVET’s policy and strategy are formulated by its member colleges and VET institutions. It collaborates with but is independent of all government and funding bodies. Its income is derived from membership subscription, grants and sponsorship.