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Meet the staff

Management at the IB Department
Jeanette Svan Sørensen IB Coordinator, M.A.
Email: jsvh@eucsyd.dk Phone: +4574124404 Department: Teknisk Gymnasium Sønderjylland Mobile: +4551314763
Mogens Nielsen Counsellor
Email: mn@eucsyd.dk Phone: +4574124335 Department: Counsellor Mobile: +4551314846
Natascha Christiansen Secretary
Email: nc@eucsyd.dk Phone: +4574124322 Department: Local education and student administration
Bente Lyck-Damgaard Head Master, M.Sc.
Email: bld@eucsyd.dk Phone: +4574124444 Department: Head Master Mobile: +4551314727
Teachers at the IB Department