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Cooperaton with Haiyan Polytechnical School in China

Development of exchange and project cooperation within the frames of sustainability

EUC Syd has a yearlong partnership with Haiyan Polytechnical School in China. The overall frame for the cooperation is the agreement between the two municipalities in Haiyan and Soenderborg. The Green agenda and sustainability are in focus in the cooperation and we are aiming at:

  • Meeting the needs for tomorrow’s craftsmen
  • Addressing the worldwide climate and sustainable agenda in VET-schools
  • Raising the attractiveness and esteem of VET school

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Der er postet på FB fra elevernes tur til CN

Contact Person
Lene Bonnen Sandholdt Afdelingschef
Email: lbs@eucsyd.dk Telefon: +4574124229 Afdeling: Afdelingsledelse Mobil: +4551314818