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Bright Green Engineering Seminars

These intensive seminars offer a long-lasting solution to the ambitious low-energy urban development plans being launched in most countries/cities: energy efficiency and energy optimization are the focus points both for new and old buildings but also for heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

These seminars are available in English, they are aiming at reaching all young craftsmen from the buildings sector, building and HVAC engineers and architects who are craving for working responsibly and reducing the environmental impact of their constructions. They are open to students from all countries provided that they speak English and they are - at least - preparing or holding a diploma corresponding to Level 5 on the European Qualification Framework.

Right now we offer two-week seminars in:

  • Thermal shell & Refurbishment of existing buildings
  • Construction of a Zero+ house
  • Indoor Climate Engineering with focus on District Heating & Ventilation

… and provide the participants with tools and practical solutions that they will be able to implement as soon as they are back in they country.

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Lene Bonnen Sandholdt Afdelingschef
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