Vi skaber talenter

Interaction with business

Focus on the surrounding world, the present and future markets

As South Jutland’s largest educational institution, EUC Syd is a natural, integrated part of a dynamic business community. EUC Syd is located in a part of Denmark that is known for its innovative and market-leading industrial businesses. This affects us, just as we have an effect on them.

In close collaboration and dialogue with local businesses, we train people to meet the demand of tomorrow’s labour market, ensuring that employees can keep their finger on the pulse and keep up with development.

This makes us an important key to success in the increasing globalisation. This is a task that we do not treat lightly. It is our most noble task to provide the labour market with a continual flow of highly qualified labour. We therefore develop in step with the needs of the business community, keeping abreast with development.

EUC Syd is the business community’s professional partner. This means that we pay close attention to the businesses’ challenges, so that together we can customise the right solutions that match both the businesses’ special and individual needs and the general demand in society.

Drive is one half of all innovation

At EUC Syd, we provide people with drive through education. This is why our students can convert knowledge into action with a focus on how to succeed.