Vi skaber talenter


When learning and physical settings go hand in hand

At EUC Syd, we have deliberately chosen to move further and further away from the traditional educational environment, i.e. one teacher, one class. Instead,we focus on learning rather than on teaching. Thus, we support the students’ individual learning at the speed and pace that suits the individual. This is evidentnot only in our pedagogy, but also in our physical settings and facilities.

Today, EUC Syd is distributed across addresses in Aabenraa, Tønder, Haderslev and Sønderborg – and across more than 100,000 m2 under cover. At all of the sites, the school is characterised by open learning environments that include e.g. sofa groups, wireless networks and ample space  for portable PCs. The large, bright and modern classrooms are designed and laid out flexibly, so that they canbe adapted to different learning situations. The school’s professional workshopsare equipped with state-of-the-art robot technology, work tools and other equipment. Inviting canteens, Internet cafes and boarding schools are also a naturalpart of the international learning environment at EUC Syd.

An inspiring environment that creates commitment

At EUC Syd, the crossfield between learning, facilities and physical settings creates a unique educational and school environment that supports the individual student's well-being, learning and development.